Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 Facts About Rainwater Capture That Will Impress Your Friends

About 20% of my spring appointments are for drainage correction issues. A good portion of these properties either have an exposed basement where they really shouldn't or they are the lowest grade of the neighboring properties. There is often no simple surface grade adjustments we can make to alleviate the problem without working sub-grade.

This means we have to find a retention, storage, and/or reuse solution. The ideal solution however would happen "upstream". If a portion of the higher grade properties were also storing and reusing some of their rainwater, the downgrade property most likely wouldn't have a problem to begin with.

Prevention is the Key
As we continue to create more and more impermeable surfaces, rainwater collection and reclamation will become even more important. There are many options to choose from today. My favorite is the Rain Xchange System. Rain barrels are great, but let's be honest, even the terracotta colored plastic versions with formed planters are pretty unsightly. Rain gardens are functional, but they take up a considerable amount of space, don't allow the reuse of water, and in our climate they are attractive as a landscape feature for a very small window of time. The Rain Xchange system by Aquascape not only prefilters the water before capture, it allows for a decorative landscape fountain that is both functional and beautiful. It keeps the water recirculating and oxygenated all while providing visual and acoustic appeal. Add an optional booster pump and connect your garden hose right to the reservoir or even a float valve and water your vegetables or perennials with the stored water. Reduce your water bills, and enhance your landscape all while doing your part to conserve.

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