Friday, March 31, 2017

Bring Vacation Home with our Pond Package Deals

Water Gardens provide the perfect place to unwind and relax. Now it is even easier to enjoy your own relaxing waterfall and majestic pond in your backyard. Choose from Madison’s premiere backyard pond installer's six water garden packages or two pondless waterfall packages and start living the pond lifestyle today!

Our new packages include upgrades and add-ons such as koi care, winter pond care, aquatic plants, LED lighting, surrounding landscape plantings, and more! The Lily Pond series is the number one choice of entry level consumers. When budget and space are a concern or you are just beginning to enjoy the water garden enthusiast lifestyle, the Lily Series is a perfect fit with ponds under $10,000. Great pond for Goldfish! If you like to think big, check out the Lotus Platinum Pond Package. The Lotus Platinum Pond provides the features of a custom designed system at a package price. If you are upgrading from a small pond, the Lotus Platinum 10,000 gallons of flow provides all the amenities a seasoned pond owner is looking for. The Lotus Platinum includes everything from the Lotus Preferred plus: two fish caves, upgrade to two 5PL pumps and a 6' stream and cascading waterfalls.

Visit our website to view our pond and pondless package deals.

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